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Virtual JHU is a virtual model of Johns Hopkins University's Homewood Campus. It presents information about the university (such as room numbers, class schedules, and informational videos) inside of a Google Earth browser plugin. For more information about the history and status of Virtual JHU, visit our project description page. You can view the previous version of Virtual JHU here (you will need Google Earth installed).

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Virtual JHU is only as useful as the information it contains. We need your feedback! If you would like to contribute to Virtual JHU by providing or correcting data, contact us by emailing consult@jhu.edu. If you are interested in joining the team of students that works on Virtual JHU, visit the Student Technology Services website.

Recent News

08/16/10: Building Virtual JHU
08/14/10: New video content added
07/01/10: Virtual JHU 2.0 launched

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Disclaimer about Google Earth Plugin

In order to view Virtual JHU you will need to install the Google Earth plugin. You will be prompted to do so if you have not already. This is a harmless program and is necessary to view Virtual JHU. Google Earth is a graphics-intensive program. To ensure the best experience, please review these system requirements.

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